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Every so often, we see a new product at the store, which completely engages us. That’s what happens when people see Sober? for the first time.

Sober? is a 99% Accurate Saliva Self-Test for sobriety. Everyone who enjoys alcohol can now test themselves and, in just a couple of minutes, know if they are sober.

Available now, direct to consumers through our Authorized Retailer Network, Sober? is an affordable, safe, discreet, medically-based test that is simple and easy to use. 15 minutes after last consuming alcohol and before placing anything else in your mouth, tear open the foil pack and remove the Teflon strip.

As people who enjoy alcohol discover Sober?,  they realize what an amazing tool they now have to make the socially responsible decision to always drive sober.

Retailers, convenience stores, bars, and restaurants are offering Sober? to their customers because it’s the right thing to do. Stocking Sober? shows they care about their customers’ wellbeing and make a strong, socially responsible statement to their community.

Join our Authorized Retailer Network today and offer Sober? to your customers. It will be the most essential product you put on your shelves this year. Sober? saves lives. That is the purpose of Sober?