Frequently Asked Questions

Sober? is a medically-based litmus test to measure whether you are impaired by alcohol use or not.

The Sober Self Test is to allow those of us (over 62% of USA population) who regularly consume alcohol to do so responsibly so we always drive Sober.

Blood alcohol concentration is the measurable amount of alcohol present in the bloodstream. In every state, you are at risk of being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) with any amount of measurable BAC if you are driving while intoxicated.

The Sober? Self-test will turn blue (positive) if it detects a level of alcohol concentration at or above 0.04%.

Not affected by alcohol; not drunk. Absence of any measurable traces of alcohol in blood.

No, the Sober? self-test will only tell you if you have an alcohol concentration at or above 0.04%. Sober? indicates impairment but does not measure it. Sober? is a simple yes or no test. The pad will turn blue if you are impaired. The pad will not change color if you are not impaired.

The Sober? self-test is 99% accurate for detecting blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.04%

The Sober? self-test is responsibly manufactured in a state of the art pharmaceutical grade production facility in China. We hold our production facility to the strictest of standards to ensure a safe, accurate product for our consumers.

Individuals who use the Sober? self-test are making the responsible decision to drive sober  or make other arrangements after alcohol consumption.


Sober IP LLC Statement Concerning Retailer or Manufacturer Rep Liability Concerns when Selling the Sober Self-Test 

Regarding liability questions for any Retailer, Hospitality Group or for any Representative Group we work with, this is important for you to know.

In most circumstances, virtually every state in the Union has no product liability to resellers or agents and the markets in Canada and Mexico are clear on this topic.

Michigan law and most other states provide that a seller is not liable under a product liability theory unless the seller or agent has made an express warranty or affirmatively failed to exercise reasonable care that was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. None of the Rep Groups, Restaurants and Bars or Retailers are in that position. 

Likewise, Sober IP would never ask an authorized seller or representative to make any representations or warranty the Sober Self-Test product, so it should never be an issue. 

Our focus is the continued conversation of people having a good time and doing it responsibly. Our product is not intended to monitor a consumer’s intake; it is merely used to measure intake. The only truly false reading from Sober? would come from misuse or modification of the test strip.

Our partners should feel confident in our product and never hesitate to offer it to their customers or clients. I do not think we need to go beyond the disclaimers on the package in that context as the proximate cause of accidents is continued use of alcohol, not the use of this product.

I hope this helps you understand that when advertised, marketed, or represented for sale or giveaway, and when used as intended, retailers and representatives are at no more risk when selling the Sober Self-Test than any other product carried in their showrooms and stores. 

As you are aware, Sober? also maintains a robust liability policy on all our products. 

Your customers’ use of Sober? Is voluntary.  Sober? is not intended to monitor a consumer’s alcohol intake; it is merely used to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above 0.04%. For services to be provided as intended, accurate information must be given.

Sober? IP LLC and its affiliates, licensors, and suppliers have no control over and accept no responsibility for compliance with the laws applicable to the state of residence of the user.

Sober? IP LLC DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The information and content provided, but not limited to graphics, images, text, videos, and other material contained on our Site and in the Services are for informational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, help, diagnosis or treatment.

ALL Sober? packaging contains the following disclaimers:
-Decisions based on results are the sole responsibility of the user.
-The product is intended only to detect measurable blood alcohol concentration in the human body

Sober? is intended only to detect measurable blood alcohol content in the human body.
Decisions based on results are the sole responsibility of the user.